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How simple it is to assemble a RoyalBaby kids bike?

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Are you still having headaches about how to install your little one’s kids bike after you buy it online?

1. What is the 95% packaging?

RoyalBaby first adopt 95% packaging in kids bike industry since 2010. For 95% packaging kids bikes, the front wheel is pre-installed in factory, you only need to install the training wheels, handlebars, pedals, and seat, and some kids bikes also need to have the basket and bell installed. The final inspection needs to be done to make sure the bolts are all tightened in place with a wrench.

2. What is the 85% packaging?

For 85% packaging, the front wheel need to be assembled by customers themselves, which is more complicated and the brake installation and adjustment is also a difficult point for them. Therefore, the user experience of the 85% package is much worse than the 95% package, and it will generally take more than 1 hour for consumers to install the bike by themselves.

3. Why the 95% packaging is great?

Compared to the 85% package, the 95% package saves your headache to install the front wheel and front brake. We noticed that quite some reviews of 85% packaged bikes complain about their front brakes, actually this is because customers has to install and adjust the brake by themselves. Royalbaby front brakes are pre-installed, so it is much easier to use and adjust.

4. How simple it is to assemble a 95% packaged Royalbaby kids bike?

After purchasing RoyalBaby's kids bike, you only need to tighten 6 nuts with the tools inside the small package to complete the installation. Assembly tools and an easy to follow instructions are included. For parents, it can save you installation time and solve your headache of installing the front wheel and brakes. Even a mother with poor hands-on skills can spend only a few minutes to assemble it.

5. Conclusion

Just 5 steps to easily install a RoyaBaby kids bike! What are you waiting for, hurry up and do it!


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