What do you know about us?

RoyalBaby has been making one of the best quality kids' bikes since day one. There are so many kids' bikes in the market that are originated from adult bikes and sized down.

Kids' bikes have quite different geometry, and simply tweaking an adult bike and scaling it down won't make a good kids' bike. RoyalBaby builds kids' bikes from scratch, with kids' needs in mind, and builds specifically for kids. That is why RoyalBaby has original and exclusive designs for kids only, like training wheels, brake levers, saddles, you name it. We choose to use the most premium material like carbon fiber and Mg-Aluminium not because we want to show off we can master these fancy materials but because they provide the best experience for kids and deserve the best. Focusing on making a better bike for children sets us apart from competitors.

We know we must be doing something right if we are trusted by millions of families in more than 80 countries globally. Our bikes will make your little one the most fabulous icon among friends for sure. Join and become a RoyalRider today!

Better Products Instead of Cheapest Products

Consumers are looking for better quality products that willlast longer. Back in 2009, since day one, quality has been aguideline for all our products. We use top-grade materialsand state-of-the-art machines to ensure quality. Ourwell-trained workers, some with more than ten years of bikemanufacturing experience, will ensure that all details are per-fectly polished.

Specialty for Kids

All our innovations serve only one purpose: to give little riders and their parents a more effortless, higher-quality biking experience. RoyalBaby bike was designed to be a kids bike fitting kids' geometry insteadof simply shrinking an adult bike. Besides, most bikeparts are redesigned for kids considering theirweight, strength, and accessibility.

RoyalBaby's Fosse in Competition

The motivation to keep producing outstanding productsis to light up that joyful smile on every kiddo's face.

Royalbaby continuously invests in R&D to excel in the competitive market. Our patented innovation sealedbearing, rare in kids' bikes, is meant to make our product maintenance-free while longer lasting so that customers can pass the toy on to future generations. The EZ FOR BEGINNER crank and pedal quick-release system on our EZ bike makes the industry's first-ever 98% pre-assembled bike.

RoyalBaby will constantly lead the innovation trend andbring tremendous value to all its customers.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Consumers and organizations have rising awareness of carbon-neutral and lowchemical footprint manufacturing. We built our eco-friendly factory. We care about our planet and aim to reduce as much pollution and green house gas emissions as possible.

In a volunteer program with local enforcement, we invested and equipped waste treatment plants to ensure all our wastes were safely disposed of to reduce our chemical footprint. We build our in-house laboratory and testing facility to quantify our statement.

30 days return

RoyalBaby has always been committed to making one of the best children's bicycles